Dated Posts

The Dated Posts module is for generating news items, announcements, or blog posts. Each post consists of a title and body, and appears with a timestamp. In most cases, you can use this module in lieu of the Blogs module, as it provides most of the same functionality for a single user.

Creating new posts

From the editorial listing page, you may click on the “New post” button.

If your Dated Posts module is configured to use one or more category group, you can assign categories to your post by selecting all those that apply.

The title and shortname field are required. The shortname (sometimes called a slug) is a URL-friendly version of the title, used in URLs like Manifesto will automatically suggest a shortname when you focus in that field, but you are free to modify or replace it entirely if it suits you.

The Body field is a full WYSIWYG editor that allows to format and style your text, create links, and insert media.

Finally, the Date of Post field allows you to customize the publication date of the post. (This is stored distinct from the creation and modification dates). The field defaults to today, but you can use it to backdate entries as well. (NB: Future-dating entries will not prevent them from being published.)

The Associated Media section works as it does with all Manifesto content, keeping track of uploaded and selected media that is attached to the current content. Whether you upload tyhe media directly to this section, or upload and image into the body of your post, you can find all the attached media here. The one marked as “Use this image as the icon for this content” will be used in any templates that call for a icon (like the “featured image” in WordPress).